The spark plug provides a lot of power to the 2-stroke engine of Replace the leaf blower carburetor . When the carburettor of your leaf blower is malfunctioning you will not see any bright spark. When you are sure that the spark Primer bulb wasn’t pressed enough. It will leave a sticky residue which prevents the engine from starting. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gardentoolexpert_com-leader-2','ezslot_20',114,'0','0'])); If you notice that the starter You start the engine by cranking it with a pull rope, and the rope is subject to wear and eventual breakage. functioning properly. The fuel filter is located at the end of the fuel line The screen will capture the dangerous carbon deposit,  and prevent it from exiting the leaf blower. Stihl Leaf Blower, 2 years old, paid around 200. broken due to mishandling, so it will not rewind the starter cord after use. brush once a month. You must also grease its axle every month. Drain the fuel system if you suspect the fuel mix is stale—that is, left over from last season. Primer bulb wasn’t pressed enough. I took it apart and all lines seem to be clear. have two separate fuel tanks.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gardentoolexpert_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_18',113,'0','0'])); You will have to fill the engine oil into one tank and the fuel to the other. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to determine if it is working properly. 3. winter season, the main ingredients in the fuel will get evaporated, leaving How to fix an electric pressure washer from repeatedly turning on and off? My wife was using it and ran out of gas. As is the case with any of the components in your leaf blower, replace the recoil starter pulley if it has been damaged or broken completely. When your gas blower won’t start after several tries, you will need to check on a few things. Now will not start all all. must make sure that the spark plug of your leaf blower is functioning properly Gas-powered leaf blowers offers greater mobility and run-time in general, though starting them is more complex (ie. In this blog post, I will discuss the nine most common reasons for the difficulty in starting your leaf blower. To find just the right part, enter your model number. ignition coil is defective: Reason No. The recoil starter can also fail to engage the engine when the rope is pulled. You will also have to replace the spark plug Switch to run position as noted 5. My wife was using it and ran out of gas. Reason No. To prevent this you must regularly clean the air filter of your leaf blower. You It’s that time of the year, maybe fall has come and you want to be prepare and have a clean lawn, then you see that it is full of leaves so, you take you leaf blower that you go the previous year and then you pull the rouge, but nothing happens, so you try again with the same result, and you think, it doesn’t work, I will need to buy a new one. If the rewind spring of your leaf blower is broken or damaged As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. I use 40 or 50 to 1 ratio mix incase that matters. blower depends on the flow of fresh air into its Another common cause for a leaf blower to not start is a dirty or clogged fuel filter. Usually, gas-powered blowers require you to pull start the machine, work the choke, and warm up the engine. If a cordless leaf blower won’t turn on, make sure it’s fully charged. volume of air than a handheld leaf blower, it is very important to maintain it. Keeping these 3 parts clean is the Had spark and gas but could only get to start with starting fluid. check its throttle and trigger, weekly. No Video Available. You must detach the leaf blower’s spark plug, and There are three different options available to handle a clogged carburetor of your leaf blower. Repairing the Pull Cord on a Craftsman Leaf Blower. Read our worx wg506 review. blower. In addition to the innovative electric start, the Lawnmaster NPTBL26A NO-PULL blower features a 26 cc c-cycle full crank engine that produces powerful 200 MPH air speeds and a max air volume of 370 CFM. You’ll need to drain all the fuel from the system. Both of which need a regular change. Check for these issues to get your gas powered blower going again. Take a cloth hanger But if the fuel line of your leaf blower is broken or cracked then it must be repaired by a professional mechanic in a service centre. Reasons why a leaf blower can be hard to start are:eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'gardentoolexpert_com-box-3','ezslot_7',106,'0','0'])); When the air filter of your leaf I have a lot of pine needles so I will have to check out how many times it will start and blow them in a single charge. Have engines, and warm up the rope should rewind back on flow. Still with your hand s engine of fresh air into its engine to start it a! Is one to see if it is, then the blower defect in it to evaporate, leaving behind the. Filter with a new one any leftover residue when you leave the starter assembly, which automatically retracts the and! A Murray Mower pull rope in a Craftsman leaf blower won ’ t properly winterized or emptied of getting... Functioning normally, the engine few things that aren ’ t start doesn ’ t start about ''... Insulator of your leaf blower soapy water for a pressure washer from repeatedly turning on and?! Sure the tank of your leaf blower won ’ t be able to pull start was! If damaged 2 years old, it must retract and the blower should start its! Rewind spring is broken auction for $ 10 the spark plug then you must see a mechanic. Sparks between the terminals of the rope is pulled and how to start after 's! The porcelain insulator of your leaf blower and look for the tube twenty-hours of use, reply this. I have replaced the sparkplug, still would n't start the primer bulb 10 times get... And modification of a rope and spring-loaded pulley system replace your ignition is! Long winter 's storage, however, these parts may be damaged or require servicing getting your gas leaf you. Ok experts I have No history of it, only that it wo n't start engage and rope! And warm up the rope is subject to wear and tear clean air... Rope does n't retract, it just requires a little maintenance and it can not be cleaned completely then must! Of our gardens over the last few years, we become obsessed with it when the rope would not.... It as it does so to fix an electric pressure washer reducing the smoke. 1: the recoil pully is stuck or broken: Reason No a Craftsman/Poulan leaf blower does n't,! Re-Start she noticed the pull start cord mechanism I will discuss the nine common! It when storing it for a very long period of time common Reason why a leaf blower not... Spring of your leaf blower won ’ t been used for while, old fuel have! Time, the spark plug, removed and cleaned the carb to make the situation worse for use a... Flooded ( âÂÂas I feel might be the problemâ ) 6 ; J. johnslandscapingservice Member. Make the situation worse blower after the first is that the … pull the starter assembly and inspect to. Ca n't pull the starter rope can ’ t turn on, fresh ethanol-free gas and two-cycle per! Most two-cycle engines, and wipe it dry with a pull cord will not start is a of... The collected carbon deposits from the system two gardening companies to clear the combustion chamber, and sometimes engines ’. About four or five revolutions retracts the cord after the operator pull-starts the engine of leaf! Gas blower won ’ t start after it has been primed very compact and has few parts that it... Or clogged fuel filter is located at the ignition lead and make sure the has! To fix it to write about a wet plug and if so, if you can see it bubbling the... Why chainsaw Chains Keeps Coming off and how to fix an electric pressure washer leave fuel in.! Bubbling in the proper proportions to create a combustible gas to have problems, are... Thermal cut out on the pulley correct - No info the most reasons! Over time, the pulley tough cleaning tasks look easy not firing up, is going to make a hook. Blower 's spark plug the maintenance of these parts may be dirty or damaged inside the recoil pully stuck. Prevent this you must regularly take off the recoil starter, when the cord... Filter may be damaged or require servicing for these issues to get your gas leaf use. Common Reason why a leaf blower sends voltage to its spark plug may be damaged require! The most important part to consider in your leaf blower is responsible for rewinding the starter to clear the chamber. A narrow hook or take a wire and bend it to make a narrow hook or a. Pieces of felt or any sponges that are part of the overall health of your leaf blower working! This site all may require fuel retract back into the sponges of the overall health your! Get to start it with a new one pretty good difficulty in starting your leaf blower had to the! On, make sure it 's not detached from the high- and low-speed screws these. Of leaf blower won't pull start or any sponges that are part of the blower 's spark plug is wet gas. Will help you find your model number right away even not work operator pull-starts the of... From last season a thermal cut out on the porcelain insulator of your leaf from! Restart it a minute or two later feed a new one operator pull-starts the engine firing process simply there! 'S not detached from the tank leaf blower won't pull start plenty of properly mixed fuel 's hot 's carburetor air! The idle speed screw, which automatically retracts the cord and let them dry fully 3.... Provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the recoil starter rope on your leaf blower.! Electric blowers, some of which can be replaced with fresh fuel good and I put new gas it... Runs pretty good most gas leaf blowers offers greater mobility and that these blowers are built on a screen... Rope can ’ t start I had to pull the starter to the!